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Wisteria House Dementia Care

Rated CQC Outstanding

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Specialising in Quality of Life for People Living with Dementia

Wisteria House Dementia Care

At Wisteria, we specialise in providing quality of life for people living with dementia. Each person is treated as an individual who can make their own choices, for example what food they would like to eat or which activities they want to take part in. We believe in encouraging our residents to make decisions and we are here to provide them with support and comfort. We have no set visiting times, so family members and friends can come and go as much as they like. You can even join us for meals!

"My aim for the people living at Wisteria House is to firstly reduce stress and anxiety, by creating a world that is calming, friendly, affectionate and familiar. Promoting choice and control over one's life that adds meaning and purpose. Introducing activities, stimulation and independence to a level where individual's can experience living postively with dementia."  - Louise Collins, Owner.


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Plymstock Outside

Wisteria House, Plymstock

Wisteria House, Plymstock is a home for 20 people living with dementia. We create a comfortable and friendly environment that residents can enjoy. We arrange lots of activities for our residents and try to encourage them to get involved when they want to.

Wisteria Front Door

Wisteria House, Stoke

Wisteria House, Stoke provides care to 22 residents living with dementia. We provide a familar, comfortable environment that can be enjoyed by our residents and their family members. We have entertainers coming in on a regular basis and like to encourage our residents to make their own decisions where possible.

Woolwell Home Exterior

Wisteria House, Woolwell

Wisteria House, Woolwell is a care home for 33 residents living with dementia. We have various lounges for different stages of dementia, we even have a 'meaningful occupation lounge' where our residents can take part in different activities, such as hairdressing. We also have an amazing garden which our residents can spend their time in, we like to make the most of our garden when the sun is out!


About us

At Wisteria House Dementia Care we pride ourselves on being different from your average Care Home. We don't wear uniforms, we don't have structured routines, we don't have strict visiting times. At Wisteria, we encourage our residents to make their own decisions, to be their own person, we are simply here to support them and their families through living with dementia.

We are a small group of three independent homes with a local owner. We are not governed by large corporations policies and procedures. The staff team can be incredibly flexible in the choices that we offer, from how you would like your bedroom furnished to keeping the food pantry open 24 hours a day for drinks and snacks.

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  Wisteria House has been a godsend

Wisteria House has been a godsend. They are great with him, he is well-fed, always clean and is loved there. When I take him back after a day out I don't cry when I leave him as I know he is looked after. He has made great steps there.

Martin B  |  08 / 2023
  Thank you for everything you do

Fantastic Care Home so caring to both residents and their families. My family member has thrived since being here. Previously he was A02 and is now able with a stick - this is due to the amazing staff who show such care, compassion and support to their residents within their care. It is such a warm 
environment and feels like one big family. Thank you for everything you do.

S S  |  08 / 2023
  Highly Recommended!

Wisteria House is truly exceptional. A small home, it has a lovely family feel and the staff have a good understanding of dementia and provide a gold standard of care. They are very skilled whilst showing warmth, affection, and humour. My mum's face always lights up when her carers approach her and 
that tells me everything. It gives us such confidence and peace of mind. Highly recommended!

C W  |  09 / 2023
  Ten out of ten!

I have been visiting a long-term friend who has been here for a couple of months and can't help but admire the care and attention given to the residents, nothing seems too much trouble. I have never visited a residential home with the cleanliness of Wisteria House. The nice thing that struck me on my 
first visit is the fresh homely smell. The residents all seem very happy here. Ten out of ten to everyone!

Colin M  |  05 / 2023
  5 Stars!

The whole building is used by the residents as their own home. There is nothing regimental, they can do anything they wish to do - watch TV, cups of tea in their room, and activities are plentiful, entertainment. The staff are all well-organised and nothing is too much trouble - all in all 5 stars!

Ian G  |  09 / 2023
  Our Father is happy and safe

Both the home and staff are fantastic, our father is happy and safe.
The facilities are wonderful and the home is extremely clean. We wish to thank the wonderful staff for all they do for our father.

Steven D  |  09 / 2023
  A Happy Haven

Mum has stayed twice for respite and stats for several hours one day a week. I would not want her to stay anywhere else. The staff are so kind and dedicated, often having fun and themed events for the residents. I am so thankful for their love and devotion. Wisteria House is such a happy haven; you 
feel it as soon as you walk in.

Susanne B  |  09 / 2022
  Blown Away!

So finding one that was going to be the next "perfect" home for Mum seemed like it was going to be an impossible task. Until we found Wisteria! Wow, I am blown away by everything about it.

Kerry W  |  09 / 2022
  I feel so happy that Mum is there!

From the very first day, the staff could not have been better in making Mum feel safe, looking after her care and needs. The activities they do are awesome! It has been lovely after Covid to get to see the staff working together to make sure the residents feel happy and relaxed. I feel so happy that Mum is there and wouldn't put her anywhere else.

Judi L  |  09 / 2022
  Strong focus on quality of life

Whilst the Owner is the clear driver on the strong focus on quality of life and occupation and the use of an exceptional range of props to create interactions, there was an encouraging sense that the whole team 'gets it' and that it is not reliant on her to make things happen; she has created a whole team, whole home approach to this with two strong and passionate managers leading and modelling it

Butterfly Award Feedback
  The best the auditor has observed in any Butterfly home

The way in which the team created a sense of mutual receiprocity by enabling people living in the home to give as well as receive was the best the auditor has observed in any Butterfly home; with the older women washing and combing the hair of younger women care workers and doing each other's make up, hand massages and nail manicures in a companionable way

Butterfly Award Feedback
  Genuine Regard

The whole staff team show huge amounts of love, kindness and genuine regard for the people in all their interactions, which was both joyful and, at times, emotional to watch

Butterfly Award Feedback
  Validating Feelings and Emotions

The team demonstrate their ability to connect with people whatever the persons reality, validating emotion and feelings.  Relatives and friends are made welcome.

  Mutual Giving and Exchange of Care

The genuine care, friendship and love between the whole team and people living their is demonstrated with closeness, hugs and kisses, sharing lives and moments together.  There is a mutual giving and exchange of care as the people who live here equally notice and take care of the team.  This is a huge reflection of the levels of wellbeing in the Wisteria Family.

Butterfly Award Feedback
  Family Feel

There is a warm relaxed family feel to life here at Wisteria House. Much thought and effort has gone into providing lots of opportunties for all the people who live here to chat, have fun and be fully occupied.  Through conversations and engagement, the story of people's lives i.e. their work, hobbies, interests and family are brought to life by the skillful team.

Butterfly Award Feedback
  A Persons Life Story

A staff team who evidence through their interactions that they know about the people that live here.  Linking their communitcation and interactions to a person's life story.

  Wonderful Community Spirit!

Congratulations to all the staff team and people living in the home for their amazing mutual regard they show each other and the staff team allowing the home to have a wonderful community spirit.

  Part of the community

In Wisteria House there is a strong drive to be part of the community not a home in isolation, people spend time outside in the garden when the weather allows.  A neighbour from around the corner walks to the front garden and says 'Oh it looks lovely!  I saw the bubbles and wanted to see what you are celebrating, you make the area look so nice.

Butterfly Award Feedback
  An Absence of Controlling Care

An absence of controlling care, with an emphasis on promoting people to be free to do and be what they are able to.

Butterfly Award Feedback
  Warm, Friendly Atmosphere

A warm, friendly atmosphere throughout the home, where staff look like friends to the people living there.

Butterfly Award Feedback
  Compassionate & Caring

A very loving, compassionate, caring, energetic and non-judgemental team of staff some of whom have only recently come to work in dementia care.

Butterfly Award Feedback
Family Visiting


We like to be flexible when it comes to visiting times and have an ‘Open House’ policy. We like to encourage visitors to be involved in supporting their loved ones. We also like to actively encourage people to experience the home before choosing to live here, you would be welcome to come for dinner just to see how you feel. 

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Watching the Football

Activities & Meals

At Wisteria House, we like to have lots of different activities to choose from, we have entertainers coming to the homes, we hire mini buses and go on day trips, we have a hairdresser who comes in each week, we like to provide lots of group activities, however we understand that not everyone enjoys group activities so we cater to every need.

Although the staff team feel that these add variety and have some value in relation to quality of life, we particularly value relationship care. This is ever present, from the time each person gets up in the morning, throughout the day and just before going to sleep.

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Staff with Man

Fees & Funding

Our fees are different for each of our homes and based on the individuals risk assessed needs.

Wisteria House accepts funding paid by Plymouth City Council with an additional top up paid direct to the home. Using their category system for April 2023 - April 2024, Plymouth City Council would pay Wisteria House weekly direct the following amounts - 'Standard' - £669.45, 'Enhanced' - £711.76 and 'Complex' - £741.06, each category would normally be based on the number of care hours required to support an individual assessed by Plymouth City Council.

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