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Day Care and Respite

Anyone considering using our Day or Respite Care service can be assured that the level of care is exactly the same as that offered to anyone living permanently at Wisteria House.  We focus on relationship care which we believe to be a very important part of our role as providers, responding to an individual’s needs and emotional well being at any given moment in time. We feel that it is very important that stress levels are kept to a minimum, equally it’s important that each individual is stimulated, does not get bored throughout the day and has many quality of life moments.

Our main requirement for anyone wishing to use our Day Service is that they attend for at least seven hours a week, this will ensure that we get to know them and importantly, they get to know us, this could be one full day or two half days. We are able to care for our ‘regulars’ for shorter periods of time, perhaps when their carer needs to attend a hospital appointment, may want to attend church on Sunday, or may have been invited for a meal with friends or just like a few hours to themselves.

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We also offer full respite care for those living with dementia when their main care giver needs to stay in hospital, are very poorly at home, or just needs a break.

We are able to provide a weekly hairdressing service, an optician and chiropodist are also available on request, all at a small additional cost. We are able to assist with bathing, showering and shaving, this is included in our fees.

Terms for Day Service

Wisteria House is governed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission CQC who inspects the level of care provided for the people living in our home; please see our excellent inspection reports. Our Day Service is not governed by CQC; however we believe it is important that the people using our Day Service are equally protected.  For the safety and comfort of all concerned any individual who wishes to use our Day Service must go through our admission criteria, they will be assessed by a senior member of the staff team. Please contact the registered manager of the home you would like to visit. We do not have an ‘age’ criteria, but our home is designed for the care of the elderly, so when we assess anyone wishing to use our services, we must ensure that we are able to meet their needs and consider that the individual will be able to interact well with the other people within the home who do have varying characteristics. 

All of the records that we implement for people living permanently at the home from care plans to risk assessments are completed in the same way for Day Service and Respite Care.

Trial visits when accompanied by a carer are completely free. We understand that it may take time for an individual to get used to the home, some adjust surprisingly quickly while others may need the reassurance and assistance of their carer to help to settle in.