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Job Vacancies

Join our amazing staff team, with opportunities for learning and development, whether you are beginning your career in care or whether you have lots of experience, we have lots of opportunities available.

We all like to see and feel part of a happy staff team, we encourage and reflect constantly on team spirit and working in a supportive environment, we hope you do too.  For all staff wishing to progress within chosen care career path, we reflect carefully on how each member of staff is supportive to all of the staff team.  For example we like to lead by example - all managers at Wisteria Woolwell take a fair share of working at weekends, bank holidays and over the Christmas period.  We do not employ anyone who is not willing to be supportive of others. Upon asking the staff team what do you think are the benefits of working at Wisteria House are, one of the replies that frequently came up was an approachable leadership team. 


To apply for a job, send your CV to:

Wisteria House, Plymstock 

Wisteria House, Stoke 


Wisteria House, Woolwell