Training & Development


You will be pleased to know that the owner Louise and the Leadership team value training for all of the staff team. Progressing with a career path is not for all, generally due to outside commitments at that time, but for those who are keen to progress we are ever expanding and like to think outside the box.  Louise also has achieved many MSC models in Relationship Care to include Training in Dementia Care and is particularly interested in improving Quality of Life and reducing stress and anxiety for people living with a Dementia, as is the Manager for Quality of Life, Jade.


At Wisteria House Woolwell, we have a seperate comfortable training bungalow which holds one large training room and two small training rooms.  We also have nice food on training days!


As an example - Jade started Wisteria House an Apprentice Carer and has worked her way up to Manager, she has also worked at all 3 Wisteria homes in Plymouth.

We are always keen to let each member of staff choose training that they are naturally interested in.  Most staff choose either a path of healthcare or quality of life, although we do have a few staff who like specialties such as End of Life.  We are happy for people to think outside the box when it comes to training, which we alter refer to as Specialisms within our wage structure.

Louise the owner is not very good as saying no to other care homes that come up for sale in Plymouth, so we always invest in training such as Trainee Registered Managers.  Most of Wisteria homes have 1 or 2 Trainee Managers at any one time.  It is not just about completing a Level 5 in Leadership, it is also includes hands on work experience in all areas of Management and Leadership skills, to taking a fair share of being left in charge over weekends and any of the Registered Managers absences due to sickness/holidays.  So if you are looking to become a Registered Manager the training you will receive is excellent and we will also fully prepare you for a management role.