Light bedroom with wardrobe

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We encourage relatives to bring in items with a familiar feel to them, that may have sentimental memories to each individual. These items may come in many different forms such as a favourite chair, a blanket, some furniture, old photographs are particularly important (please no new photographs as these can increase anxiety) postcards from favourite holidays also work well. The condition of these items does not matter as it is the personal memories from these items that encourage the comforting feeling. These items are fantastic to have for when it comes time to settle down for sleep each night.

When each individual has changed into their nightwear, the night staff have time to sit and talk with each person and these items are fantastic for starting conversations. For a person living with dementia when trying to sleep and struggling to recognise your bedroom brings all sorts of unsettling feelings, so having familiar items around the room really helps. For people living with advanced stages, silky or satin material gently stroked down the cheek or the brushing of hair with a soft brush helps a person relax before drifting off to sleep. 

Bedroom with teddy beards in an armchair
Armchairs in a bedroom
Bedroom with radiator cover