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The Garden

Staff Party

In good weather we sometimes have morning tea in the front garden and engage with any passers by with a hello's and good mornings to ensure the people living in the home feel very much apart of the neighbourhood and community.  We have easy access to our front garden which has a large table and plenty of chairs, this area has special netting above which allows some shade, although we always have plenty of sun cream available. There are also several other benches along the garden for a quieter moment. There is also a storage box full of garden activity stuff from blowing bubbles to various bats, balls, skipping ropes, hula hoops etc.

We have a small back garden, with modern seating set just outside the conservatory which a few people enjoy in good weather.

The lovely Devonport Park is a very short distance away and we often enjoy a stroll there.

We are also a short walk to a small local corner shop, that some enjoy going to for a bar of chocolate or a magazine.

We are about a 5 minute walk to the Stoke shops, although it is up hill all the way, those who can enjoy the challenge of being able to walk this a few times a week, usually going to the post office or supermarket.