Care home bedroom

Bedrooms & Facilities

We actively encourage relatives to bring in items which have a familiar feel about them and that may have sentimental memories to each individual. These may come in many forms, a favourite chair, a snuggle blanket, old photographs are particularly important. Sometimes, recent photos can cause confusion depending on the individuals stage of dementia, so we encourage relatives to be mindful when choosing photos.

These items are great when it comes to settling down for sleep each night. When each individual has changed into their night clothes, the night staff team have time to sit and talk to each person for a few minutes; these items are great at starting a conversation. If you are living with dementia and trying to go to sleep, struggling to recognise your bedroom brings all sorts of unsettling feelings. Familiar and cherished things around you really help you relax and feel more at home. For the people living with advanced stages, silky or satin material gently stroked down the cheek or brushing hair with a soft brush also helps a person to relax before drifting off into sleep.

Care home bedroom
Care home bedroom
Care home bedroom
Bedroom with Stripey Bedding

Wetrooms and Bathrooms

Our bathrooms and wetrooms are beautifully presented and equipped to the needs of our residents. We also have Alexa-enabled speakers in the ceilings so that we can have some sing-a-long time in the bath! We know that have baths can cause some discomfort for residents, so we like to make bathtime as fun as possible.

wet room 1 bath
large, spacious accessible wet room
accessible wet room with blue tiles
accessible wet room with sandy tiles